Remember when you were a kid and those ads for x-ray glasses held the elusive dream that maybe, if you wore them right, you might actually see thru girls clothes as they walked down the street? Well, if you were as foolish as I was, and spent your hard-earned paper route money because of some ad in a comic book, you found out the hard way that the darn things didn't work.

Hi, I'm Mark Tirel. I'm an independant filmaker, and not too long ago I witnessed an event that not only made me forget my frustrating childhood and those bogus glasses but absolutely surpassed every fantasy I've ever had about seeing girls in public without any clothes on.

Something happens once a year in a sleepy little college town about 60 miles outside of Detroit down I-94. It defies every norm and custom known to civilized man. Hundreds of gorgeous young coeds go running naked through the streets. It is an absolutely breathtaking sight.The sheer electricity of the experience blows away even the most jaded observer.

The Naked Mile, as it has come to be known, celebrates the end of classes and the ascension of spring at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. With the onset of graduation and the prospects of summer vacations looming large, the students get a little crazy and do something they've probably never done before...and most likely never will again--get completely nude and run around town.

The Naked Mile was started in the mid 80's. Originally it was just a bunch of guys running around as part of a campus prank. But as the 90's unfolded, something unprecedented started happening - more and more females began participating.

And now, in this new millenium, literally hundreds of beautiful college coeds at the peak of their sexual vitality go bouncing about the streets of Ann Arbor for about an hour wearing nothing but Nikes and a smile. The forbidden dream had finally come true- It was like having my very own ringside seat in the GIRL'S LOCKER ROOM.

Not Hollywood's version - the real thing!

Some of the coeds are elegant- tall & slender. Others are curvaceous and big-breasted with firm bodies. The amazing thing was that they were just hanging around completely naked for me to feast my eyes on. I couldn't get enough.

There is just no way words can describe the scene that night. You simply have to see it to believe it. I filmed this event for my own personal viewing enjoyment, but every guy that's had a chance to see it wants his own copy. So, out of all the footage I shot that night, I have put together an underground film - Naked Mile Underground. Running just under 35 minutes, it is now available for purchase exclusively on the net. [NEW: I've also included an additional 45 minutes of raw, unedited footage from the following year's Naked Mile at no additional cost. The combined running time of both videos (including some recursive shots) is 80 minutes.]

The video has one close-up after another of bubbly, college coeds entirely naked from head to toe. After the run, many of the students stopped to get dressed. I caught them completely unaware (and completely naked!) as they began dressing...pulling up panties... and hooking up bras.

I really feel like I captured all the tension in Ann Arbor that night...There's the throngs of observers lining the streets anticipating the imminent arrival of the runners. Then the rush, excitement and explosion of energy as the runners lope their way through the crowd in all their naked glory. A few of these young women even appear to be blushing!!

I freely roamed in the midst of these events and let me tell you, watching this video makes you feel like you're almost standing there right alongside me.

Those x-ray glasses could never show you anything like this.

In fact, even though I was there, it's hard to believe that something like this could actually happen in public... But it did.

The best description of the Naked Mile I've ever heard is that it's like a modern-day fertility dance. The film I've put together shames every sleazy X-rated skin flick ever made. The runners are not silicone-dependent "exotic" dancers who'll drop their drawers for anyone who can scrounge up the price of a lapdance. They weren't jaded Hollywood actresses angling for the best camera shot either. They're simply sweet midwestern girl-next-door types who for the first and probably last time in their lives exposed themselves in public.

I can't really explain it, but when an angelic looking young woman is looking up at you completely naked, and smiling, it touches a nerve somewhere deep inside.

If you don't believe in "Intelligent Design", you will now.

I'm pretty confident that, in this one film, you'll see more totally fresh and innocent college women completely naked at one time than most guys see in their entire lives.

If you're like me and enjoy viewing the delicate female body in all its resplendent beauty, then you oughta consider picking up a copy of this video. Watch it with someone you love. Heck...watch it with the guys.

Take it from me--You'll watch it again and again.

Thanks for visiting the Naked Mile Underground.

Hope you'll check out the film.

Mark Tirel


The Original & the Best

(Because of the frank and extended footage of total frontal female nudity,
you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this film)


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