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The University of Michigan strongly discourages participation in the Naked Mile as a runner and/or by stander for the following reasons:

A. The event is not sponsored or endorsed by the U- M or the City of Ann Arbor.

B. It is unlawful—enforcement by U-M Department of Public Safety and Security and Ann Arbor Police Department will be intensified.
2. It is unlawful for minors to possess alcohol and for anyone to possess open alcohol containers in public places.
3. Arrests may become a matter of public record and could affect future career efforts of participants.

C. It is dangerous—
1. Personal harm and/or injury: physical assault, groping, harassment, broken bottles in path, other debris, falls, fights, etc.
2. Conflict with vehicle traffic; may be hit by a car.
3. This year, construction activity and fencing in the Diag area increases the potential for physical injury. To reduce the risk of assault and injury, the remaining narrow pedestrian walkways between Hatcher Library/Haven Hall and Tisch Hall/Museum of Art will be closed, and access to and from the Diag in that vicinity will be restricted.

D. Short- and long-term embarrassment for U-M and participants—
1. The event tarnishes the University's legitimate traditions by association.
2. Participants are photographed and videotaped by onlookers: photos and videos shown/displayed/sold on cable channels and on the Internet.
3. Photos and videos bring embarrassment to participants and participants' families.

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