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The best way to get information about anything is to google it. Click the Google icon for the latest on the Naked Mile. You can find more info by Googling Here and sometimes Here.


Fox 2 News Classic Live Remote...from Naked Mile 1999!

Search the Michigan Daily! The archives of The University of Michigan's school paper has over 70 cites and counting - from letters to the editor to first person accounts.

Read Actual Original Newspaper Stories about the Impending Naked Mile Crackdown -
Courtesy of Google's Online Microfiche!

A Naked Mile History - As told by the Ann Arbor Police!

The Naked Mile - International Style!

University Plugs Naked Mile Videos!

Controversy over Naked Mile ERUPTS!!!

Naked Mile Reports From Illinois

Naked 18 Year Old Woman Hunted By Police Like Wounded Animal!

Once again, the University's President attempts to warn students of the imminent danger facing those who choose to run!

David Letterman won't be losing any sleep, but here is UM's Own Top Ten.
It lists Ten Specific Reasons NOT to Run The Naked Mile!

More Student Groups Opt out of Naked Mile!

The actual letter sent to students by University of Michigan President Lee Bollinger warning them not to run Naked Mile 1999. NOTE TO DR. BOLLINGER: It didn't work.

The French Speak out on the Naked Mile!

The Pr Newswire Naked Mile 1999 Press Release

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