mouthWe have our little traditions, like a naked mile run...but we can absorb those things and then go on with business as usual the next day.
   Former Ann Arbor Mayor -- Ingrid Sheldon

mouthWe do not endorse (the naked mile) but it's good intended fun...if we were going to do something, we would come in at the end when everyone is tired -it would not be much of a chase.
  Ann Arbor Police seargent -- Larry Jerue

mouthThe article ... concerning the Mayor's Task Force was alarming & awful journalism. It only told one side of the story. Many women feel that the naked run is a liberating experience. That's why the number of women participating each year has been growing. This point should not be ignored, but it was... Also, the comments by Susan Kaufmann, Jim Smiley, and Craig Roderick were not supported by any hard evidence. The Naked Mile Run is a safe event, a rather harmless spectacle. There are many other things in society which are more harmful and deserve greater attention than the Naked Mile. Ms. Kaufmann, Mr. Smiley, and Mr. Roderick would do the rest of us an important service by remembering this.

mouthWhat was with the male runners running at or swinging at the crowd that was filming. thes idiots slugged a guy who was off to the side and smashed his camera. If they want to run down the street nude I want you filming...did these idiots forget all the money mommy and daddy spent on Jr. Do they realize the list of charges against them; assault and battery, drunk and disorderly, lewd /public indecency... the cops let them have their fun and you and everyone else has a right to film.

mouthI think it's a very gross manner in the way these females act ! All of them should lose college scholar ships. Second they should placed in jail for at laest 6 months minimum.I Guess it's why woman have lost total respect for themselves and it another reason why men think of them as nothing more than common whores. Just because most men might say to laidies just because we want a piece of ass does'nt mean we don't think that way. Some of these ladies parents should see how their inocent young daughters act. I'll bet some parents would agree with stop degrading your self. It those kind people that fucking up our country that are money talks and sex sells. I pray every day that god will kill your kind !!!!!!!!. Oh for the asshole that shot the footage you should be put in jail for at least 10 years. It'll be the last you here from me and I guarantee The naked mile run will come to an end. Just wait until I contact the govener of Michigan. I give you assholes my e- mail address next time I e-mail you. BURN IN HELL SCUM BAGS! P.S. I'm not a church going person either.

mouthI live in Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan. Trust me, there isn't much that would surprise me anymore. I've seen the "Naked Mile" - that's when all the about-to-be graduates (and a lot of other insane people) run a mile butt-naked at the end of their last term. They call it celebration, but I'm not so sure that's what I'd call it. Plus, the end of the term is in March, which pretty much means it's still winter here. To keep themselves warm, some wear Saran-Wrap. The scariest part is the old (and I mean OLD) people who think it'll be fun to join in. Boy, we sure have some strange traditions here.

mouthI'm not paranoid or anything but aren't you, in reality, adding to the controversy by promoting the naked mile on the web? I liked it better when it was just a michigan thing.

mouthWe want to run in it - when is the next one?

mouthI ran the naked mile and, as a female, I am offended that you would encourage people to take videos of the event. I found the experience liberating, almost mystical... videos like those you link to just cheapen the spirituality of the event...the naked mile is to be experienced not viewed on someone's vcr with a bunch of guys drinking beer...shame on you!

mouthThe thing i liked about the mile was that it was unique. It wasn't like going to a strip bar where the girls will take off their clothes for anyone. Watching it didn't make me feel like a voyeur either since, after all, they were naked of their own volition. It is somewhere in the middle... something you just don't see everyday.

mouthOne of my first experiences nude among friends came in running in the now infamous "Naked Mile" on my last day of classes at the University of Michigan. (for many years now, seniors have celebrated their last day of classes by running nude across campus at midnight. It has become a massive spectator event, eventually attracting...websites and video sales.) It was so many things at once - incredibly bonding for the ten or so of my friends who ran, people who we'd sweated and toiled with for four years, people who were all going their separate ways in a few days. It was also incredibly disheartening, as all five of the women in my group were actually grabbed and groped by spectators - all five of them. How discusting that if a policeman viewed one of the assaults, he'd be more likely to laugh at the assault and arrest my friend for being nude than the other way around! Disheartening also because, while five or six hundred ran, three or four thousand clogged the streets to ogle at the spectacle, as well as film it from hundreds of camcorders. Why should a bunch of naked people be such an event?

mouthHow can we organize a run like this on our campus ???

mouthDon't ever let them stop you - the mifflin street streak at penn state was banned not too long ago.

mouthThe naked mile is one of those crazy parts of a college education...from experience and observation I feel people need more happy times to remember later in life. This is one of those. The naked mile is not about race, gender, or religion but a part of life that needs to be experienced. whether you participate or watch it is an event to remember. just keep safety at the top of the list and lay off the drugs and booze. Have a good time... wish I had known about woodstock before it happened. I may not have gone but experience is the best teacher and it probably would have changed my life.

mouthI speak for the michigan student body. The naked mile is a special once-a-year event at the university of's just sad to see that the naked mile has become commercialized on the web. the fact that people point cameras directly at crotch level and then sell the video worldwide just makes it worse...

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