To: "U-M Seniors"
From: "Lee C. Bollinger"
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 15:57:04
Subject: Naked Mile Run

Dear Senior,

I'm writing to you and the other seniors to express my growing concern about the Naked Mile and to discourage you from participating in what was once a prank but is now an event laden with risk.

I realize for some this is an important spring ritual. But, as innocent as it may seem, with each passing year unintended harmful consequences have become ever more serious, especially as crowds of onlookers grow. Among those consequences are assaults, loss of judgment brought on by excessive drinking, hypothermia, and exploitation by international pornographers, who could not care less about you as a person. This year, construction activity and fencing in the Diag area increases the potential for physical injury. To reduce the risk of assault and injury, the remaining narrow pedestrian walkways between Hatcher Library/ Haven Hall and Tisch Hall/Museum of Art will be closed off and access to and from the Diag in that vicinity will be restricted.

Finally, all indications point to law enforcement being intensified this year. Arrests are a matter of public record and could affect your future career efforts. An individual arrested for indecent exposure could, in some instances, be required to register thereafter as a sex offender. These are very serious consequences. As such, my hope is that you will take with equal seriousness my request that you not participate, and understand the spirit in which I ask this of you.


Lee C. Bollinger

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